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At Geon Energy we plan, design, install and operate deep geothermal single well systems to supply renewable and sustainable heating. The wells are suitable for a wide range of buildings such as residential and commercial developments, university campuses, hospitals, and light industrial facilities.

Our mission is to provide customers with a low carbon source of heating that competes with gas for reliability, security, cost effectiveness and space efficiency. We aim to establish deep geothermal heat as a major part of the UK’s low carbon heating portfolio. By providing a communal geothermal heat supply, we give customers access to locally sourced, reliable and sustainable heating.

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Why choose geothermal heating?

  • Renewable and constant energy source
  • Space efficient
  • Workings below ground so no impact on landscape
  • Substantially reduces carbon emissions
  • Compatible with conventional heating systems
  • Cost effective alternative to gas

What is it suitable for?

  • Leisure centres including those with swimming pools
  • Light industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Schools and university campuses
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Housing estates and apartment blocks
  • Greenhouses
  • Conference centres
  • Offices

Benefits of geothermal heating

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