How it works

Geon Energy’s geothermal heating system is a low visual impact solution to onsite renewable energy. Watch our animation to find out how it works.

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A well is drilled to a depth of around 2km to access naturally hot ground conditions. Water is added to the well at the surface and as it descends to the bottom it is naturally heated by the surrounding ground. Once heated the water is pumped to the surface.

The water is then passed through a heat exchanger which extracts the heat, which is transferred to the building’s heating network. After the heat is extracted the cooled water is returned to the well for recirculation.

The well is typically concealed below ground with only a manhole cover at surface level so it takes up minimal space after construction. As it is a clean source of energy with no potentially toxic substances produced or electricity substation required, the well can be positioned in the middle of a development while people move safely above it.