What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy uses the earth’s naturally high temperatures deep below ground as a clean, renewable energy source.

Is my building suitable for geothermal heating?

Geon Energy’s system is suitable for many different types of buildings including hospitals, apartment blocks, university campuses, housing estates (with a district energy system), leisure centres including those with swimming pools, greenhouses as well as manufacturing and light industrial facilities. The well can be installed as part of a new build or retrofitted into an existing development. Typical annual heating demands should be around 2GWh. If you are in doubt about your building’s energy requirement, please contact us.

How do the long term carbon emissions
compare with gas boiler central heating systems?

A recent study by Arup for the Department for Energy and Climate Change showed that over a period of 50 years, Geon Energy’s system is projected to emit a total of 2,000 tonnes CO2e (including construction, operation and maintenance), compared with 24,200 tonnes CO2e for a conventional gas boiler system.

How does the cost of geothermal heating
compare with gas boiler central heating systems?

Upfront costs for a deep geothermal system are higher than for a conventional gas boiler system. But the long life and very low energy inputs means the geothermal system can be competitive with gas when taking account of capital and operational costs over the 50 year life of the system.

What are the visual impacts during and after construction?

The main visual impact is the presence of the drilling rig during construction which is normally on site for around 40 days. Post construction, there is very little to see except for a manhole cover to access the well and a small interface unit.

How much space is needed on site?

In order to drill and install the system, we require a flat area with good access. The minimum size is approximately 50 x 50m during construction.

How long does installation take?

A typical installation will take around two months to drill and fit.

How is geothermal energy different to fracking?

Geon Energy’s technology does not use fracking to enhance the well. We do not inject fluid under pressure, and no chemicals are used. Our wells are cased with cement and steel so there is no contact with groundwater except at great depths below ground level. The system meets all Environment Agency requirements, and Health and Safety Executive drilling standards.

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